Import a scanning configuration

Importing a configuration is only supported in Admin mode.

Once a configuration has been exported, it can be imported by other devices running the app in Admin mode.

WARNING - Importing a configuration overrides existing Knox Capture settings on a device and is irreversible.

1. Open the import menu

  1. Tap the more actions menu icon within the home page to the right of the Profiles list label. Then select Import.
Expanded 'more actions' menu
  1. After launching the import configuration menu, acknowledge the warning message by tapping Confirm.
import config confirmation message

2. Find a configuration to import

Saved file

To import a configuration from a file:

  1. Tap the Saved on files option in the import configuration menu to launch the My Files app.
  1. Find and select the configuration file to import.
config file selection from my device files

Knox Capture will import the configuration and display the following success message:

config import success message

QR code

  1. Tap the QR code icon within the import configuration menu to launch the camera scanner.
  2. Direct the camera at the configuration's QR code. For instructions on generating a configuration QR code, see Export a scanning configuration – QRCode.
  3. After scanning the QR code, Knox Capture automatically imports the configuration and displays a success message.
NOTE – If the configuration is too large for one QR code, Knox Capture displays multiple QR codes in a PDF file. The end user must scan them all to complete the import process. If the user attempts to scan a QR code that isn’t part of the same configuration, an error message is shown on the overlay until a different one is scanned.