Export a scanning configuration

NOTE - Exporting a configuration is only supported in Admin mode.

Exporting and sharing a scan configuration enables other devices apply the configuration to their installation. Before beginning, verify the app is configured in Admin mode. For more information, refer to IT admins: Getting Started with Knox Capture.

Export options

An IT admin can use the following methods to export the configuration:

  • Save it as a file on the device
  • Email it as a file attachment

To share a configuration on a per-device basis, transfer the configuration using near-field communication (NFC) or with a QR code.

TIP – If the configuration has been previously exported, a status message displays in the upper-half of the home page with the sharing method, date, and time of the last export.

Launch the export menu

Regardless of the export method selected, begin by tapping the floating blue button on the lower-right of the home page to launch the Share configuration menu.

home screen with blue share button at lower-right share configuration menu

Save as file

To save the file:

  1. Tap the Save icon in the Share configuration menu.
  2. Enter a name and tap Done.

    save config as form

    Knox Capture saves the configuration within My Files > Downloads, and displays a success message.

    configuration saved success message


To email the configuration as a text file attachment with the default email program:

  1. Tap the email icon within the Share configuration menu.
  2. Knox Capture launches the email application and starts a new message with the configuration file attached.


NOTE – NFC configuration sharing is deprecated in Android 10. On devices running Android 11 and above, the NFC option is replaced by Nearby Share in the Share configuration menu.

To share a configuration with another device using near-field communication (NFC):

  1. Tap the NFC icon within the Share configuration menu.
  2. Ensure NFC is turned on for both the transmitting and receiving devices.
  3. Complete the directions in the app to begin sharing configuration data by holding the transmitting phone back-to-back with the receiving device. Then tap the screen.

    NFC instructions

Nearby Share

NOTE — For devices enrolled in WP-C mode, ensure that the policy that prevents data from being shared in your profile is disabled through your EMM. Otherwise, Nearby Share cannot operate.

To send a configuration to another device using Nearby Share:

  1. Tap the Nearby icon within the Share configuration menu.
  2. Ensure Nearby Share is turned on for both the transmitting and receiving devices.
  3. On the receiving device, tap the Device nearby is sharing popup that appears.

Tap Accept on the receiving device to complete the transfer.

QR code

To generate a QR code that can be scanned by other devices to import the configuration, tap the QR code option in the Share configuration menu.

Knox Capture generates and displays a QR code. Optionally save or email the QR code by tapping either the Save or Email button. Tap Save to save the QR code as an image within the device My Files > Downloads folder. Tap Email to launch the default email app. The resulting email message includes instructions for importing the configuration using the QR code.

generated QR code for sharing a scanning configuration

NOTE — If the configuration is too large for one QR code, Knox Capture generates multiple QR codes in a PDF file. The end user must scan them all to complete the import process.