Activate your license

Through your EMM

To activate a license through your EMM:

  1. Open the application configuration dialog for Knox Capture in the EMM console. In a typical EMM console, the app configuration (or App Config) screen opens as a pop-up window or modal.
  2. Paste the key within the license field. Optionally include the Knox Capture scanning configuration as well. Refer to Deployment for more information.
  3. Save the configuration.

Through the License menu

NOTE—The License menu only appears in Admin mode. To learn more about Admin and Managed modes, see App modes.

To activate a license through the License menu:

  1. On the home screen, tap the more actions icon, then select License.
  2. Under Enter Knox Capture license, tap the text field.
  3. A popup appears prompting you to enter your Knox Capture license key. After you’ve entered the license key, tap Done.

The license screen then confirms your license is active. Note that you cannot launch the menu again until your Knox Capture license expires, to prevent the license from being overwritten.

Uninstalling the Knox Capture app automatically deactivates the license. If you install Knox Capture again, you must re-enter the license key in the License menu.
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