Step 7: Share your configuration

After creating profiles to scan for device apps, optionally share or deploy the Knox Capture configuration comprising the profiles with other devices.

The following example sends the configuration as an email attachment so it can be opened and copied and pasted into an EMM console. For information on other sharing options, see Export a scanning configuration.

  1. In the lower-right of the app home screen, tap the floating blue button to open the share options menu.
home screen with blue share button at lower-right
  1. Tap the Email option within the share configuration menu.
Expanded share menu
  1. Select an email app to start a new message, using the configuration as a text file attachment.home screen with blue share button at lower-right
  2. After sending the email with the configuration attached, re-launch Knox Capture. You should see a notification in the expanded app bar in the upper-half of the screen. The notification confirms the email submission by stating "Last shared using E-mail" followed by the date and time.

  3. Open the email from the work machine and upload the configuration to the EMM console for potential deployment across devices.

Further reading

For information on sharing and importing a configuration, refer to:

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