Step 6: Test apps in your configuration

Test the configuration when finished configuring Knox Capture profiles.

In the following example, the configuration for the Samsung Internet is tested.

  1. Go back to the Knox Capture home screen and start the test mode by tapping the more actions icon next to the Profiles label and selecting Test apps.
test apps option in more actions menu
  1. After starting the test mode, a system pop-up notification indicates the Test mode is now on.
test mode on message
  1. Select Samsung Internet by tapping the Open button within the list of Test apps.
test mode home with Samsung Internet in the list
  1. Review the content of the blue test overlay within the open app, including:
  • Activity - The name of the Android activity in focus.
  • Active profile - The Knox Capture profile to which the in-focus activity belongs. This is the profile defining the scanning settings and keystroke output rules for the in-focus activity.
test mode overlay
  1. Press the scan trigger hardware key to open the camera for scanning.
camera scanning ui

TIP - If you have enabled the flashlight button in Step 4: Configure the scanner, you should see a flashlight button in the upper-left of the screen which you can tap to turn the device flashlight on or off while scanning in dark conditions.

  1. Aim the camera at the barcode to scan. The barcode will be automatically scanned once in focus unless your Scan settings specify a different barcode selection mode. Keep in mind, this action uses one of the 100 scans available when using the free version of the app.
  2. Review the test overlay. The following new values should now display:
  • Output - The processed data in test mode notation with keystroke output rules applied.
  • Scanned data - The scanned barcode data in test mode notation without any keystroke output rules applied.
  • Scanned raw - The scanned barcode data in hexadecimal format without any keystroke output rules applied.
  1. Expand the overlay by tapping its down arrow icon for a full view of the test data.
test mode overlay with scanned data
  1. Inspect and compare the Scanned data to the Output value to ensure you've set the correct keystroke output rules and scanning settings for the activity in question. For more information on test mode notation, refer to Check a configuration in test mode.
  2. After testing the app, a green check mark badge displays next to the Samsung Internet app logo within the Test apps screen.
green checkmark next to Samsung Internet in test mode
  1. Repeat this process as needed for the remaining apps in your configuration, using the green check marks to track your progress. You can also tap All activities to check whether individual app activities were tested or not.
  2. When done testing the configuration, exit the test mode by toggling Test mode to the off position within the Test apps screen.

For additional information on using test mode and reading test mode notation, refer to Check a configuration in test mode.

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