Step 5: Set keystroke output rules

The last step in creating a Knox Capture profile is to set the keystroke output rules. In this example, set rules to append an Enter keystroke to the scanned data. Doing so automatically initiates the Google search in the Samsung Internet browser after Knox Capture sends the scanned barcode data.

  1. Ensure all entries are sent as key events. In the Profile settings screen, under Keystroke output, select Send Enter character as.
keystroke output settings menu
  1. In the options pop-up, select Key event then tap Save.
send enter as key event setting
  1. Append an Enter key to the scanned data. Next to Basic data formatting, tap the down arrow to expand the menu display. Scroll down to Append Enter character, and move the toggle to the on position.
append enter key setting

Rules are now available to append to the scanned barcode data. Tap the back arrow, in the upper-left of the screen, to return to the home screen and save your profile.

For more information on setting keystroke output rules, refer to Keystroke output.

Now that a profile has been created, repeat this process as needed to configure scanning for all required business apps. For more information on using Knox Capture profiles, refer to How it works.

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