Step 4: Configure the scanner

After associating apps and activities with the new profile, the scanner requires configuration.

In this example, the scanner will be setup to:

  • Recognize a selection of barcode symbologies
  • Display a flashlight button when the camera is open for scanning
  1. Within the new profile's main settings screen, tap Scan engine settings to open the scan engine settings menu.
scan engine settings menu
  1. Verify the selected barcode symbologies. Tap Barcode types, then scroll down to review the selected types. Upon creation, profiles automatically use Code 128, Code 39, DataMatrix, EAN8, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR, UPCA, and UPCE. For best performance, only select the barcode types necessary when creating the profile.
list of available barcode symbologies
  1. When finished, tap Save.
  1. If needed, refer to the button to turn the flashlight on and off when the camera is open for scanning. Under Camera settings, next to the Flashlight button, make sure the toggle is in the on position.
Torch button setting set to on
  1. Once finished configuring the scan engine settings, tap the back arrow, in the upper-left of the screen to move back to the main profile settings page.

For more information on configuring the scanner for a profile, refer to Scan engine settings.

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