Step 3: Select apps and activities

Now that a new profile has been named, select the device apps and activities to associate with the profile. For more information on how apps and activities are used by Knox Capture, refer to Apps and activities.

In this example, select the Samsung Internet app and associate its main input activity with the profile.

  1. From the Select apps screen, scroll down to Samsung Internet and tap its name.
Expanded 'more actions' menu

TIP - To automatically select an app and all its activities, tap the radio button to the left of the app's name in the app selection list.

  1. Tap the wand button in the upper-right of the screen to launch the visual selection tool.
Samsung Internet activities list
  1. If this is the first time the visual selection tool is launched, a pop-up with instructions displays. Tap anywhere on the screen to advance through the pop-ups.
Samsung Internet visual activity selection
  1. Tap the radio button next to the activity name in the blue selection pop-up. You should see a counter next to Done.
Samsung Internet visually selected activity

The main input activity for Samsung Internet has now been associated with the profile. Tap Done, then confirm to exit.

Repeat this process for all apps and activities to associate with the profile. When completed, tap the Create Profile button at the bottom of the screen to save the profile and return to the main profile settings screen.

For additional information on adding activities, refer to Add activities to a profile.

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