Real-time location service (closed beta)

Complementing the outdoor location tracking feature in Knox Asset Intelligence, the real-time location service lets you track the location of devices, both indoors and outdoors.

Knox Asset Intelligence splash screen

NOTE — The real-time location service for Knox Asset Intelligence is currently in closed beta. To get access to the service, customers can reach out to a Samsung admin for approval.

Only indoor location data is supported in this release, with outdoor location data available in the Knox Asset Intelligence location tracking module.


This document is intended for IT admins. Learn how to set up a venue, manage your assets, and edit location settings in the Knox Asset Intelligence console.

Try the solution

This tutorial guides you through the steps to set up the real-time location service, helping you start tracking the indoor locations of devices.


How it works

  1. Get access to the real-time location service.
  2. Create your first venue.
  3. Submit your floor maps and venue for processing.
  4. A Samsung admin reviews and converts your venue and maps to IMDF format.
  5. Verify that your venue and its associated assets are correct.
  6. Publish your venue.

Common terms

While using the real-time location service, you might encounter the following terms.

  • Venue — The boundaries of a property, such as a campus or location with buildings and outdoor operations.
  • Single Building — A venue has at least one building. A 30-meter boundary is added around each building in the processing phase.
  • Multiple Buildings — Some venues have more than one building. You can set up or publish buildings individually.
  • Immovable asset — An object that is usually static after installation, or won't need to be replaced for a long time. For example, Wi-Fi access points, ultra-wideband (UWB) anchors, and Bluetooth antennas are immovable assets.

    Currently, the real-time location service supports Wi-Fi access points. When uploading floor plans and immovable assets, use Wi-Fi AP-802.11mc as the Asset Type Group Name.

  • Movable asset — A device, typically mobile, used indoors or in an outdoor space.

    Currently,the real-time location service supports mobile devices.