Step 2: Set up a venue

If you're approved for access, Real-time location service is available in the left navigation pane of the Knox Admin Portal, under Knox Asset Intelligence. To start using the service, you first need to set up a venue to start collecting indoor location data from your devices.

NOTE — If you exit venue setup at any time, the data you enter is automatically saved for when you return to complete setup. You can also continue editing a venue with the Saved status by selecting it in Venues.

Create the venue

First, create a venue:

  1. Under Real-time location service, click Venues.
  2. Click CREATE VENUE.
  3. On the Create venue page, enter a name for the venue.
  4. Under Venue address, enter a property address. The map automatically updates to show a location pin at the address you entered.

    Real-time location service create venue screen

  6. Under Building name, enter a name for the building.
  7. Under Address, enter the building address. If your venue spans multiple buildings, enter the address of the first building location.
  8. For each additional building and its corresponding address, repeat Steps 5-7.

Prepare floor plans and immovable assets

Next, you'll need to prepare your floor plans and immovable assets. Before you upload:

  1. Make sure your floor plan images are at least 300 DPI, and in PNG, JPG, or SVG format.
  2. (Optional) On each floor plan, mark the zones you want to measure device traffic in. This zone information must be included on the floor plan image before you upload it to the console.

    Your floor plan should look similar to the following image:

    Sample floor plan with marked zones

  3. Using the immovable asset CSV template, enter the following information for each immovable asset you want to include in your floor plan:

    • Asset group name — The type of immovable asset. Refer to Immovable assets for a list of supported asset group names.
    • Asset ID (IMEI) — The unique identifier for the asset.
    • BSSID — The basic service set identifier used to identify an access point.
    • User-friendly asset name — A custom name given to the asset, which can be used to differentiate it from similar assets.
    • Asset usage — Depending on whether the asset is intended to be used indoors or outdoors, either Indoor Only or Outdoor Only respectively.
    • Coordinate type — Either Geo or Relative. If you use relative coordinates, the bottom-left corner is marked (0,0).
    • Height — The height of the property, in the unit of measurement designated by the Scale factor.
    • Position coordinates — If the coordinate type is Geo, latitude and longitude values. For example, enter -123.456789; -98.123456.

      If the coordinate type is Relative, coordinates relative to the bottom-left corner of the floor plan and in the unit of measurement designated by Scale factor. For example, if the scale factor is meters and the immovable asset is 100 m above (0,0) and 200 m to the right of (0,0), enter 100;200 as the position coordinates.

    • Scale factor — The unit of measurement for the height and relative coordinates. For example, meters or feet.

Upload floor plans and immovable assets

You're now ready to upload your floor plans and immovable assets.

  1. On the CREATE VENUE page, next to Buildings, click ADD FLOOR PLANS & IMMOVABLE ASSETS.

    Add floor plans and immovable assets button

  2. To the left of your building name, click > to expand the floor details.

    Floor details button on the upload floor plans and immovable assets screen

  3. Next to Total building floors, enter the number of floors in your building.
  4. Click ADD FLOOR to enter details for your first floor. Select a floor number, enter a friendly name for it, and upload a floor plan. If you have a CSV with immovable asset information, you can upload that too.
  5. Repeat step 4 for any additional building floors. If you have multiple floors, you can select one of them as the default floor.
  6. For additional buildings, repeat steps 2–5 to upload their floor plans and immovable assets.
  7. At the bottom of the page, click GO BACK to return to the venue creation page.

If your floor plans meet the requirements — that is, at least 300 DPI and in PNG, JPG, or SVG format — and your immovable asset CSV files contain the proper fields, a message under each building name confirms you uploaded floor plans and immovable assets for it.

Create venue screen with confirmation message

Assign devices to buildings

Before you assign your devices, make sure they're grouped in Knox Asset Intelligence first. You can only assign a device group to one building.

  1. At the bottom of the CREATE VENUE page, click ADD MOVABLE ASSETS.
  2. Under a building name, click > to expand the details.
  3. Under Groups, enter the name of the Knox Asset Intelligence device group you want to add. You can select one or more groups to add.

    Movable assets screen

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for any additional buildings in your venue.

Your venue information is then submitted to a Samsung admin for processing, and you'll receive an email once processing is complete.

Tutorial progress

You've completed 2/3 steps!

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