Data module overview

Knox Asset Intelligence provides you with business data to improve the productivity and utilization ratio of your devices. This data is separated into modules, and includes several visualization tools to help you monitor device status. Modules share common elements, which are described in Common module views.

Data refresh cycles

While you can configure when the Knox Asset Intelligence agent collects data from devices through Dashboard settings, there is a delay before the data can show on your dashboard.

Each module refreshes data at different time intervals depending on the type of data collected. Some dashboard charts are denoted with a Today indicator, which means the data shown is in real-time.

Refer to the following chart for details.

Data type Data refresh cycle
Device status Real-time updates
App usage Previous day's data
App issues Updated hourly
Network insights Real-time updates
Battery insights Previous day's data
Location data Real-time updates
Scanning performance Real-time updates
Knox Service Plugin Real-time updates

Common module views

The Knox Asset Intelligence data modules consist of the following main components:

  1. Dashboard chart — Located on the main and individual dashboards, the dashboard chart displays key data insights in a condensed format.
  2. Expanded view — A chart and detailed list that breaks down apps, events, and trends. You can filter data by certain parameters and groups, and export the data as a CSV file.
  3. Drill down view — Specific insights for a particular app, event, or trend. You can filter data by certain parameters and groups, and export the data in CSV format.
IMPORTANT — Only common features are discussed in this section, and elements can vary between charts and modules.

Under the name of the dashboard you're currently on, a list lets you set the time range for which you want to see device data. The time range you select is global, which means you see data for that time range for all other charts and pages on the Knox Asset Intelligence console.

Dashboard chart

Your Knox Asset Intelligence dashboards are composed of charts representing data points reported by your devices. Some depict charts and graphs, while others provide event lists.

The last time the data was refreshed in your time zone is shown in the bottom-right corner. Certain widgets also allow you to refresh the data on demand. To do so, click Circular arrow next to the timestamp in the bottom-right corner.

For applicable charts, click Expand to expand the chart details.

Expanded view

IMPORTANT — The information in this section does not apply to the battery insights or Location tracking modules. For specifics on those module views, see Battery status, Battery state of health, and Location tracking.

In the expanded view, a comprehensive bar chart displays events by category and time. The chart includes the following information:

  • X-axis — The configured time range.
  • Y-axis — The number of data occurrences.
  • Legend — The top categories by usage.

Each stacked bar includes all events reported during that time period. Hover over a bar segment to see additional statistics for a specific category.

Click funnel to see the filter panel where you can sort data by specific parameters. Information in the chart is filtered according to the parameters you specify in this panel.

After configuring the filters, click Apply to save your changes. The chart refreshes with the new data, with filter tags appearing above the chart. To remove the filters and restore the default settings, click CLEAR ALL FILTERS.

Below the bar chart is a detailed list of metrics, broken down into granular categories. The column data varies for each module, but it serves as a list view of the chart data. In the top-right corner of the list, click Three stacked lines to customize the list columns. Certain columns are mandatory and cannot be deselected.

Click DOWNLOAD AS CSV to export the detailed list in CSV format. The columns in the CSV file match the list.

Drill down view

In the expanded view, click a category in the detailed list to open the drill down view for that category. The top ribbon displays overall metrics for the selected timeframe, which you can filter further using the funnel icon in the top right.

The charts underneath the ribbon provide more extensive data insights on the category, which vary depending on the module. To export the charts or tables as a CSV file, click DOWNLOAD DEVICES AS CSV. In certain modules, you can also hover over a chart element and click the device link to download data for only those devices.