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Device drops

Last updated September 22nd, 2023

The Device drops insight lets you see how many times your devices were dropped, and the average height from which they were dropped. This feature currently only reports drop events up to approximately 2m.

This feature is currently an experiment. As such, there may be limitations on reported events. This data should be used as a reference only, as measured values may differ from actual. Labs features may be changed or removed in future releases.

Main tile view

In the top part of the Device drops insight’s main tile view, you can see the total number of devices dropped, as well as the total number of drop events over the selected reporting period. In the bottom part of the tile, you can see the top 5 devices that had the most drop events in your fleet.

device drop main tile

Expanded view

In the Device drops insight’s expanded view, the DEVICE LIST lets you know how many times each device was dropped, how many of those drop events were Hard drops (dropped while the screen was on), and average height from which the device was dropped.

Hard drops are only reported when the device screen is on, in order to prevent excessive battery consumption.

Click any device in the list to view the device’s details.

device drop expanded

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