Knox Admin Portal

Customers who are using more than one Knox cloud service can now log in to one portal to get automatic access to the other services. This combined view gives you a single-pane of glass experience, helping you manage your device fleet with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Samsung’s new unified Knox Admin Portal experience brings you the same top-notch product quality, with a lot more cohesive user experience.

For users who are enrolled in more than one service—for example KC and KME—the left hand accordion view allows you to quickly switch between views of each service. This new accordion view gives you a high level overview of the features available to you in each service and enables you to quickly navigate to the appropriate screen.


This document is intended for:

  • IT Admins—Enterprise IT Admins can learn how to get started with Knox Manage, dive deep into the comprehensive features, and learn how to configure and monitor devices and apps.

Services currently available under the unified Knox Admin Portal view

Currently, the unified Knox Admin Portal view includes the following services:

Use Cases

This new view allows IT admins to efficiently and securely manage a fleet of enterprise devices using a variety of Knox services from a single interface. With this new functionality, enterprise IT admins can benefit from the following main features: