Step 4: Enroll your devices

Depending on which services you're using, different steps are required to enroll your devices. To complete enrollment in a service, you need to install its agent on your devices and enroll them in the service. Then, you can check the enrollment status of your devices in the Knox Admin Portal.

The following table outlines the supported enrollment type for each Knox service, as well as where to find in-depth enrollment steps.

Knox service Supported enrollment types Enrollment steps

Knox Mobile Enrollment

Out-of-box experience

Enroll and unenroll devices in the Knox Mobile Enrollment documentation

Knox Manage

Out-of-box experience


QR code


Knox Manage documentation:

Enroll devices in bulk

Enroll a single device


Out-of-box experience

Manual agent installation

Install and launch the Knox E-FOTA client

Knox Asset Intelligence

Out-of-box experience (only for devices with auto-enrollment enabled)

Manual agent installation

Enroll devices in the Knox Asset Intelligence documentation

Knox Configure

Out-of-box experience

QR code

Knox Deployment App


Knox Configure accessory

Assign and deploy a profile to a devicein the Knox Configure documentation

Knox Guard

Out-of-box experience

Accept or reject devices in the Knox Guard documentation

Samsung Care+ for Business

Enrollment is completed when a license is assigned to the device

Congratulations, you've completed the getting started tutorial for the Knox Admin Portal!