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Manage EMM consent

Last updated April 3rd, 2024

To simplify your device management workflow, you may want to grant a third-party app or service provider, such as an EMM, access to your Knox cloud services data.


Management of third-party access is only available if:

  • You granted a third-party app or service permission to access your Knox cloud services data, and
  • You are the super admin of your enterprise.

Once you give a third-party app access to your data, you can review what data is visible to it, and revoke the access through the Manage EMM consent screen at any time.

The EMM consent screen contains:

  • APP NAME. The name of the provider’s app.
  • ORGANIZATION NAME. The name of the provider.
  • USER. The email address of the admin who granted the access.
  • SCOPE. Which data from your Knox cloud services that the app or service can access.
  • GRANTED DATE. The date the admin granted the access.

To open the Manage EMM consent screen:

  1. Click your account icon, then click Settings to open the settings screen.
  2. Click Manage EMM consent.

Revoke access to an app or service

If you no longer want a third-party app or service to have access to your Knox cloud services, you can revoke their access as needed:

  1. On the Manage EMM consent screen, click REVOKE ACCESS.
  2. When asked to confirm, click REVOKE.

A notification then confirms whether the app or service’s access was successfully revoked.

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