Manage Knox licenses

The Knox Admin Portal offers a consolidated Licenses page to check your available license seats in one view instead of visiting individual license pages. You can add, manage and delete your Knox cloud service license keys on this page. Instead of entering your Knox Suite license individually for each service, you can enter it once to apply it to all your Knox Suite services.

To see the consolidated licenses page, in the Knox Admin Portal navigation pane, click Licenses. You can also navigate to this page through the individual Licenses page in the console of each Knox service.

Licenses menu

The license list includes Knox Suite, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Asset Intelligence, Knox Configure, and Samsung Care+ for Business licenses, and contains the following information:

  • SERVICE/TYPE — The Knox service the license is for, and, if applicable, the type of license.
  • LICENSE NAME — The human-friendly name given to the license.
  • STATUS — The license status, as defined by the service the license is for.
  • TOTAL — The total number licenses of this type.
  • ASSIGNED — The number of devices that have a license seat assigned to them. This column is only available if your enterprise is registered for a service with the Assign license
  • ACTIVATED — The number of devices that are successfully enrolled in the service. Click the number to see a filtered list of devices in that service's console.
  • REMAINING — The number of license seats available for activation or assignment.
  • END DATE — The date the license expires. For applicable services, the activation or assignment end date represents the last day that seats can be activated on that license. After that date, the license cannot be assigned or activated on devices even if there are seats remaining, but currently enrolled or activated devices remain so for the rest of the service period.

In the search bar above the license list, you can search for a license name or key. The list updates to show all licenses that partially or fully match your search query.

Get a license

Click ACTIONS > Get a license to view the different ways you can obtain a Knox license. Select from the following options:

  • GENERATE TRIAL LICENSE — Intended for testing purposes, a trial license is valid for 3 months and has 30 license seats. You can select which type of license to generate the trial key for.
  • FIND RESELLER — Opens a list of Knox resellers in your region who you can purchase a commercial license from.
  • GENERATE KNOX SUITE LICENSE — If you are an Enterprise Edition (EE) customer, opens your EE license dashboard to generate a Knox Suite license key. Please ensure your reseller has uploaded your EE devices to your account beforehand.

Enter a license key

To enter a license key that you've obtained:

  1. Click ACTIONS > Enter license key.
  2. A popup prompts you for a friendly license name and the license key. Once you enter a valid license key, its corresponding license information shows underneath.
  3. Click ADD to confirm the license addition to your account.

If you're registering a license that has an activation date in the future, a notification alerts you that the license can be assigned to devices before the activation date, and the devices are only configured and enrolled in the respective service or services once the license is active.

Assign a license

This action is only available for Samsung Care+ for Business licenses. To assign a Samsung Care+ for Business license:

  1. Click Actions > Assign license.
  2. In the Assign license dialog, select the devices you want to assign to the license.
  3. Click ASSIGN.

Replace a license

If you've obtained a new Knox license with additional seats, you may want to replace your existing license with it. The license replacement feature is only available for Knox Suite, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, and Knox Configure licenses.

To replace a license:

  1. Click Actions > Replace license.
  2. In the Select License dialog, you can see a list of active licenses available for replacement. This list varies depending on each service's licensing logic. Select a license to replace your current one with.
  3. Click DONE.

Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA licenses can be replaced by Knox Suite licenses, and vice versa. For example, if a Knox Suite license is being replaced with a Knox Manage license, only the Knox Manage-specific seats on the Knox Suite license are affected.

You can only replace a Knox Suite license with a Knox Manage license through the Knox Manage console.

Delete a license

If you have an old or expired license you no longer need, you can choose to delete it from the licenses list.

CAUTION — License deletion is irreversible. Ensure you've selected the correct license before you confirm the deletion.

To delete a license:

  1. In the license list, click a license name to open its details.
  2. In the bottom-right corner of LICENSE DETAILS, click three bars > Delete license.

View license information

In the license list, click a license name to open its details. In LICENSE DETAILS, you can find general information about the service, type, name, and owner. Details about its status, start and end dates, and seat counts are also available. For Knox Suite licenses, a further seat activation breakdown by service is available.

In the bottom-right corner, click three bars for options to assign, replace, or delete a license.