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The Knox Ecosystem

Enhance your business work flow with the Samsung Knox ecosystem, providing IT admins with comprehensive solutions to make managing the entire device life cycle simple, secure, and efficient.


Knox Platform for Enterprise

KPE lets enterprise IT admins apply military-grade security and management features like robust data protection, granular device monitoring and control, and versatile credential and certificate management to corporate Samsung devices. Learn more.

Samsung Knox secures business mobile devices through the Knox Platform for Enterprise


Knox Configure

KC lets IT admins and System Integrators customize devices, including Samsung wearable devices, for a wide range of vertical applications. For example, they can develop purpose-built info kiosks, point-of-sales terminals, inventory trackers, or entertainment systems. Learn more.

Knox Mobile Enrollment

KME helps Enterprise IT admins enroll thousands of Samsung devices at once and identify the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system that manages purchased devices. Learn more.

Samsung Knox deploys business mobile devices through Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment



Knox E-FOTA simplifies firmware updates for MDM vendors or Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). It lets you remotely control mandatory OS versions and security updates, schedule specific timed updates across all managed devices, and deploy stable OS versions for business apps. Learn more.

Knox Service Plugin

KSP gives Enterprise Customers rapid access to the latest Knox features without putting the burden of integration on MDMs. MDMs use an iframe to display the list of new features in their console and let the on-device KSP client handle deployment. Learn more.

Knox Manage

Knox Manage (KM) is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that provides a cloud-based command center with almost 300 enterprise policies to empower IT admins to remotely track, manage, configure, and send messages to devices. Learn more.

Samsung Knox manages business mobile devices through Knox E-FOTA, Knox Service Plugin, and Knox Manage


Knox Deployment Program

KDP enables Knox device resellers to register the IDs of devices purchased by enterprises. Resellers can do this through Samsung's KDP reseller portal. The device information is stored on our Knox cloud servers for other services to access. Learn more.

Samsung Knox enables resellers to register enterprise devices through the Knox Deployment Program