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Knox licenses

Samsung’s KPE extends beyond the core security and management functions embedded in the Android operating system. KPE protects Samsung devices with advanced security and management features that are more granular and unique. KPE licenses are designed to be activated and managed from within your existing unified endpoint management (UEM) infrastructure, and are also included as part of Samsung’s Knox Suite.

You need a Knox license to activate Knox services on a device. Samsung's Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) system manages the entire lifecycle of Knox licenses including ordering, license generation, activation tracking, validation, and quantity checking. Starting July 1, 2021, Samsung provides you with Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) Premium — also known as Commercial — licenses at no cost.

NOTE—Other Knox solutions such as Knox Dual Data-At-Rest (DualDAR) and Knox Universal Credential Management (UCM) are not affected by this policy change: they continue to be paid solutions.

What license do I need for my solution?

Solution License Type Standard or Premium
Enterprise Edition Devices Yearly Premium
Knox Configure Yearly Premium
Knox Deployment Program Not applicable Standard  
Knox E-FOTA Yearly Premium  
Knox Manage Monthly or yearly


Knox Mobile Enrollment Not applicable Standard
Knox MSP Program Yearly Premium (through the Knox Configure license)  
Knox Platform for Enterprise Two-yearly Standard and Premium
Knox Suite Monthly or yearly Premium  
Knox Capture Yearly Premium

Get a license

You can get a Knox Platform for Enterprise license in one of two ways:

  • Directly generating a free KPE Premium (Commercial) license key from the KPE Product page.
  • Purchasing a device and software bundle, and receiving a license when your device provider includes a Knox license key with your purchase. If you received such a bundle, contact your supported MDM or device reseller for more details.

Generate a free KPE Premium license key

To generate a free KPE Premium license key, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the KPE Product Page.
  2. Click GET STARTED.
  3. Enter a valid enterprise email address and click GET STARTED.
  4. Use your Samsung Account credentials to log in.
  5. When prompted, complete your registration
  6. After you've successfully registered, the KP My Knox page opens to show a pending KCS application. The KME, KM, E-FOTA, or KAI Samsung Admin evaluates and approves your request.
  7. Once your request is approved for KCS, the KPE block on the KP My Knox page is enabled.
  8. Click the KPE block on the My Knox page to generate a KPE Premium (Commercial) key. You can see the generated KPE Premium key on the Licenses tab or by clicking the KPE block on the My Knox page.
    Note— If the user is rejected from a KCS application, KPE block is not enabled, and the user cannot generate a license key.

Activate a License

Once you have a Knox Platform for Enterprise license, you can activate it in your MDM.

NOTE—Your MDM may have already activated your Knox license key for you in your MDM profile upon purchase. Contact your MDM vendor to check if you need to input the license key manually.
  1. Open your MDM console.
  2. Register the Knox Platform for Enterprise license in your MDM console.

For example, the following image shows Knox Manage's license key page. If you use Knox Manage, this page is where you enter your license key.

Activate a license without an internet connection

If your enterprise is highly regulated and does not allow communication with external servers, you can request the Knox License On-Premise Server Software, which handles license verification within your firewall. Samsung charges an extra fee for this service. For more information, contact your Samsung representative or reseller, or Samsung Support, which requires a Samsung Knox Portal account.

Validate a license key

You can validate your license key as follows:

  1. Log into your Knox Portal My Knox page.
  2. Enter your license key in the check license key box.
  3. Click the blue arrow. The page refreshes to show the status of your license key.