How do I request an export of my account data?

To request an export of your account data:

  1. Go to > click Sign In and select a sign-in option. You may choose to sign in with your Samsung Account or Active Directory (AD).
    NOTE — Sign in with Active Directory only works if your organization has setup single sign-on using AD. Otherwise, you will be prompted with an Account has not been setup in Active Directory, please login with Samsung Account message.
  2. On the Knox Admin Portal, click your User Profile and select Account Information.
  3. Click Privacy Settings > click Request personal data.
  4. You are prompted to Authenticate your account.
  5. Click Authenticate.
  6. Fill the required field to authenticate your account. Click Next to submit your request.
  7. You are redirected to the Privacy Settings page. A confirmation message at the top of the screen contains a link to download your personal data.