Knox E-FOTA One

Knox E-FOTA One provides features over and above other Knox E-FOTA solution offerings. Its ability to integrate with various EMMs (Enterprise Mobility Management systems) provides a seamless device management experience through a unified console. This allows you to ensure that device information in your EMM and in Knox E-FOTA are never out of sync. In addition, Knox E-FOTA One provides a consistent user experience regardless of which supported EMM you're using.


Knox E-FOTA One has the following features, in addition to the common Knox E-FOTA features.

  • Device registration through multiple sources—There are three ways you can add your devices to Knox E-FOTA One:

    • Direct upload to the Knox E-FOTA One portal—List the IMEIs of your devices in a CSV file and upload them to Knox E-FOTA One. Various other bulk operations are also available through CSV upload (for example, device enrollment and deletion).

    • Device registration through Knox Deployment Program (KDP)—Resellers can automatically upload your devices to Knox E-FOTA so that you don't have to add them yourself. You can auto-approve their uploads and auto-assign the devices to a default campaign.

    • Device registration through an EMM—Streamline your device management tasks by importing device groups from your EMM. Connecting Knox E-FOTA to your EMM helps ensure that your device groups are never out of sync. Device information is managed in the EMM so that the Knox E-FOTA admin doesn't have to do it manually.

  • Out-of-box installation—For devices purchased through a reseller that have Android P or later, the client app is automatically installed during the out-of-box experience. This feature is only available through KDP.

  • Multiple campaign options available—Multiple campaign options are available so you can customize your campaign policies to suit your business needs.

  • Multiple-model update per campaign—In a single campaign, you can assign multiple device models with different firmware releases.

  • Sequential update per campaign—Update from any version to a target version with just one campaign. That is, you don't need to create multiple campaigns to incrementally update a device from its current version to a target version.

  • Push and poll—Both of the following are supported:

    • Push campaign updates immediately from the Knox E-FOTA server to assigned devices. There’s no need to wait for devices to poll the Knox E-FOTA server.

    • Poll the server for campaign updates. The client app (that is, the agent on the device) checks the policy every 24 hours and applies any campaign updates that may not have been successfully applied to it.

  • Support for multiple licenses—Add licenses as needed to support more devices, while keeping existing licenses active.

  • Additional dashboard widgets—Monitor the license, firmware list, and OS status of devices on a dashboard.

For a feature comparison between all Knox E-FOTA editions, see Compare the Knox E-FOTA editions.

Knox E-FOTA One workflow

This section describes how Knox E-FOTA One allows an IT admin to deploy firmware to devices.

  1. The admin registers devices by providing their IMEIs to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. The admin installs the Knox E-FOTA One client app on the devices. Starting the app on a device completes the registration process for that device.
  3. The admin sets an update policy to assign a firmware version to devices.
  4. The client app checks (polls) the Knox E-FOTA One server for updates. The admin can also push updates to devices.
  5. The Knox E-FOTA One server deploys the OS updates (in the form of firmware delta binaries) to the devices.

Seamless integration with Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

An MSP can use the Knox Managed Service Provider program to onboard multiple Knox customers, manage their Knox services, and deploy services onto their devices. Previously, MSPs could manage only the Knox Configure and Knox Mobile Enrollment services on behalf of customers.

With this KCS 1.38 release, MSPs can now also manage Knox E-FOTA. Specifically, MSPs can:

• Onboard new Knox E-FOTA customers on the MSP portal.

• Migrate existing Knox E-FOTA customers to the MSP program.

• Upgrade existing MSP customers to include the Knox E-FOTA service.

• Manage Knox E-FOTA services on behalf of customers, including Knox E-FOTA Administrator functions.

• Check the customer status, which can be Pending (customer hasn’t yet approved or rejected Knox E-FOTA management), Active (customer has consented), Rejected (customer has not consented).

• Give customers view access to the Knox E-FOTA console to monitor setup.

• Browse a log of MSP activities related to the Knox E-FOTA services.

• Delink Knox E-FOTA from a managed customer’s Knox services.

• Subscribe to Knox E-FOTA emails. Both the MSP and managed customer can get emails about adding and migrating customers, changing customer access levels, and removing a customer service.

To see how MSPs can use the MSP portal to manage E-FOTA customers, see Knox MSP home page.

Get started

The following procedures walk you through setting up Knox E-FOTA One.

Tutorial Description
Before you begin Create a Samsung Account and apply for access to Knox E-FOTA One.
Get a license Get a trial license or purchase a commercial license.
Add devices Upload devices to Knox E-FOTA One from multiple sources.
Enroll devices Enroll candidate devices so you can apply campaigns on them.
Install the Knox E-FOTA One client app Install the Knox E-FOTA One client app on your test devices.
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