Share a license to another tenant

If your organization has a combination of US and EU (or Asia) devices and you want to enroll them all to Knox E-FOTA, you need two separate tenants—one US tenant and one EU tenant.

  • You enroll your US devices in the US tenant.
  • You enroll your EU or Asia devices in the EU tenant.

This means your organization needs two separate Samsung accounts—a US Samsung account and an EU Samsung account. Each one needs to submit a Knox E-FOTA application. When an application is approved, a customer ID is issued for that Samsung account and you're allowed to log in to the corresponding tenant. When both applications have been approved, you should therefore have two different customer IDs—one for each tenant.

You can use the same commercial license in both tenants. You register the license in one tenant and share that license with the other tenant.

NOTE—This procedure can only be performed by a Super Admin.

NOTE—A commercial license key can only be shared between 1 US tenant and 1 EU tenant. A trial license key cannot be shared.

To share a commercial license to another tenant:

  1. Log in to one of the tenants and register your commercial license.

  2. In the Licenses tab, click Actions > Share license.

  3. In the Share License Key popup, enter the customer ID of the tenant you want to share the license with, then click Check.

    If the customer ID is valid, the popup shows the license name that will be displayed in the other tenant.

  4. (Optional) Edit the license name if needed.

  5. Click Share.

    The license key is automatically registered to the other tenant.

    NOTE—The remaining license seats are calculated based on the number of devices that use that license across all tenants and, in the case of a Knox Suite license, all Knox services.
    Devices can use one license seat across multiple services. For example, enrolling a device in Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA consumes only one seat on a Knox Suite license.