Push and poll

This section describes various procedures for pushing a campaign to devices and polling the server for updates.

Push a campaign update to a device through the Campaigns tab

This procedure is useful if you want to update an existing campaign and update devices accordingly.

  1. In Campaigns, click on an existing campaign.
  2. Update the campaign details as needed.
  3. Click Push Update.

Push a campaign update to a device through the Devices tab

This procedure is useful if a campaign is not successfully applied to certain devices. You can push the campaign only to those devices.

  1. Go to DevicesAll Devices.
  2. Select the devices you want to push the campaign to.
  3. Click ActionsPush campaign.

  4. Click Push Now in the confirmation popup.

Poll the server for device updates

Once a new campaign is active and a device is assigned to it, the Knox E-FOTA client app polls the Knox E-FOTA server every 24 hours to check for the latest available update. When an device user restarts their device, it automatically restarts polling. The device user can also manually poll the server for campaign updates.

  1. On the device, launch the Knox E-FOTA client app.
  2. Tap Check for campaign updates.

The firmware update is downloaded and installed.

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