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Manage firmware versions

Last updated July 26th, 2023

To better organize and track firmware versions, Knox E-FOTA On-Premises includes a versions list that allows you to record firmware test results and block certain versions.

To view the versions list:

  1. Sign in to the Knox E-FOTA On-Premises admin console.
  2. Click your account icon.
  3. In the menu that’s shown, click Settings.
  4. The navigation sidebar pane refreshes with a new set of tabs. Click Versions.

The version list is then displayed with the following information:

  • TYPE — Indicates whether the firmware is intended for deployment on devices ( user ), or for testing ( dummy ). See Create a test campaign.

  • OPEN DATE — The date the firmware version was publicly released.

  • OS VERSION — The Android version that corresponds to the firmware version.

  • SECURITY PATCH — The date the security patch was publicly released.

  • FIRMWARE VERSION — The full name of the firmware version. Click the name to view the firmware details, which includes a description and specific device information.

Above the list, you can filter by device Model / Sales Code or search by firmware version ID to quickly identify the firmware versions you need.

Click the ACTIONS menu to access more features:

  • Upload Versions — Select and upload new firmware versions from your PC.

  • Mark as Tested — Adds an icon to the TEST RESULT column to indicate that the firmware version was successfully tested for compatibility with business apps. When creating a campaign, selecting Latest firmware (Tested) as the target version allows you to update the latest tested firmware version from the Versions menu without modifying the campaign settings.

  • Unmark from Tested — Removes the icon from the TEST RESULT column.

  • Add to Blocklist — Locks the firmware version, preventing it from being downloaded and installed on devices.

  • Remove from Blocklist — Unlocks the firmware version and allows it to be downloaded and installed on devices again.

  • Download Versions Scenario — Downloads a JSON file that contains device version scenario information, including a list of changes between the current firmware version and the target version.

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