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Manage campaigns

Last updated July 26th, 2023

The campaigns in Knox E-FOTA On-Premises have the same functionality as the campaigns in Knox E-FOTA.

To view your campaigns:

  1. Sign in to the Knox E-FOTA On-Premises admin console. Ensure you’re in the correct workspace by verifying the workspace name in the upper-right corner of the console.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Campaigns.

A list of campaigns is displayed with their statuses, assigned devices, repeat frequency, start and end dates, and last modified date. Click a campaign name to view its details or modify it.

If there are no available campaigns, click CREATE CAMPAIGN in the upper-right corner to create one.


See Create a campaign in the Knox E-FOTA admin guide for detailed instructions on how to create a campaign.

Select a campaign and click the ACTIONS menu to access the following features:

  • Activate Campaign — Activates the campaign if it has been deactivated, and starts the firmware rollout.
  • Deactivate Campaign — Deactivates the campaign if it’s currently active, and stops the firmware rollout.
  • Modify Campaign — Allows you to change the configured campaign policies, including the target firmware and campaign period.
  • Delete Campaign — Deletes the selected campaign.

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