Manage devices

This section describes how to use tools in the Devices tab to manage devices in Knox E-FOTA. View device information, edit devices, delete devices, and label devices in this tab.

View device information

  1. Log in to the Knox Admin portal.
  2. Go to DevicesDEVICES.
  3. (Optional) In Search, enter a search string to refine the device list. You can search on the following fields:
    • Device ID
    • Model
    • Campaign
    • Tags
  4. Review the list of devices.
NOTE—To generate a list of devices, click Actions > Download devices as CSV. If no devices are selected, all devices are included in the CSV.

Each device has the following details:

  • IMEI/MEID—Unique ID associated with the device.
  • Model—Device model.
  • Firmware version—Firmware version installed on the device.
  • OS version—Android OS version installed on the device.
  • Agent version—Version of the Knox E-FOTA app installed on the device.
  • Campaign—Campaign the device is assigned to (if any).
  • Status—Current status of the device. See Device statuses.
  • Carrier Code—Device carrier code specified from multiple Consumer Software Customization (multi-CSC) when a carrier specific SIM card is inserted.
  • Security patch info—Android security patch currently applied to the device.
  • Added—Date the device was added and the user that added it.
  • Modified—Date the device was last modified. For example:
    • The device was added.
    • The device's status changed.
    • The campaign changed.
    • The license changed.
    • The source changed.
    • The EMM group changed.
  • EMM group—Device group in the EMM the device belongs to (if any).
  • Source—How the device was added: through an EMM, reseller upload, or CSV upload.
  • Last Seen—Last time the Knox E-FOTA server was able to ping the device.
  • OS Version—Current OS version of the device.
  • License—License the device is enrolled under.
  • License start date—Date the license was issued.
  • License end date—Date the license expires.
  • Order Number—Order number the device was purchased under.
  • Previous IMEI/SN(s)—Previous IMEI or serial number of the device if it has been exchanged.
  • Tags—Labels associated with the device (if any). There are two types:
    • System tags—Labels that Knox E-FOTA automatically assigns to devices. You cannot delete these. For example:
      • DUMMY—The device has a dummy binary installed through a test campaign.

        NOTE—Devices synced to Knox E-FOTA from an EMM cannot be assigned a test campaign, so they will never have this system tag.

    • Custom tags—Custom labels you can assign to devices.

Device statuses

This section describes the different statuses devices can have and what they mean:

  • Operation status: Describes the status of the device licensing and campaign sync.
  • Campaign status: Describes the status of an assigned campaign.
  • Client status: Describes the status of the Knox E-FOTA client app on the device.
  • Update status: Describes the status of a firmware update, information that is now also included in the Device Update Status dashboard and Campaign Graph.

For details about a status, hover over the status to pop up a tooltip description.

Perform common operations on devices

NOTE—For devices that were synced from an EMM, most operations can only be performed in the EMM groups tab.

You can perform the following operations on one or more devices:

  • Assign license
  • Assign campaign
  • Create campaign
  • Replace license
  • Manage device tags
  • Unassign campaign
  • Unenroll devices
  • Delete devices
  • Force client refresh
  • Download devices as CSV
  • View device log
  • View the device deletion log

To perform a common operation on one or more devices:

  1. Log in to the Knox Admin portal.
  2. Go to DevicesAll Devices.
  3. Select the checkboxes corresponding to the relevant devices.
  4. Click Actions and select the operation you want to perform.

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You can now push a client refresh to devices they select in the Devices tab. In the Actions menu, Force client refresh was added. This new menu item is only enabled if all selected devices have the client app installed.

View a device log

The device log shows a list of events that occurred on a device. For each event, the resulting device status is shown along with the timestamp.

  1. Log in to the Knox Admin portal.
  2. Go to DevicesAll Devices.
  3. Click the device ID of the device you want to view.
  4. In the Device details popup, click View device log.