Install the Knox E-FOTA One client

To complete the process of enrolling devices, you must install the Knox E-FOTA client on your devices. The client app allows Knox E-FOTA One to manage the device. It functions as an agent that connects the device to the Knox E-FOTA One server.

This section describes several ways to install the Knox E-FOTA client app on devices:

  • Manually install the client app—This is appropriate if you're testing how Knox E-FOTA One works and you want to install the client to a few test devices.
  • Notify end users to install the client app—This is appropriate when you're ready to use Knox E-FOTA One commercially.
  • Automatically install the client app—For devices purchased through a reseller that have Android P or later, the client app is automatically installed during the out-of-box experience. In this case, no action is needed from you and end users to install the app. You can streamline the user experience further by auto-enrolling and auto-assigning devices that resellers upload.
  • Push the client app to devices through your EMM—If you use an EMM that has an app installation functionality, you may be able to use your EMM's console to push the client app to your devices. For general information on how to push an app to devices through Knox Manage or VMware, see Install an app through an EMM.
  • Install the client app through Knox Configure—With Knox Configure, you can create a profile, upload the client app, add the client app to the profile, and assign the profile to your devices. For more information, see the Knox Configure documentation.

NOTE—When the client app is installed, it proceeds to provision the device. The app typically prompts the user to read and accept the privacy policy. If you want the client app to skip this step during device provisioning, you can update the privacy policy setting in the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal. Click your account name on the top-right corner of the screen and select Privacy policy setting. Only a user with a Super Admin role can perform this action.

Manually install the client app

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. Go to Devices > All Devices.

  3. Click Get App Now.
  4. In the Get app now popup, copy the download link for the APK file.

    NOTE—You can also copy the sample message and send it through email or SMS to your test devices.

  5. On each test device, go to the download link. Download and install the APK:

    1. Tap Download > Open File > Install.

      The client app installs.

    2. Tap Open.

    When the app opens, the default Knox E-FOTA policy is applied to the device and enrollment is completed. The device’s status on the portal and on the app change to Enrolled.

    At this point, the B2C FOTA updates are disabled. To verify whether B2C FOTA updates have been successfully disabled on a device, go to Settings > Software update. If B2C FOTA updates are disabled, the options in this screen are greyed out (disabled).

You can now manage your devices with Knox E-FOTA One.

Notify users to install the client app

This section describes how to copy a sample message to notify end users to install the client app APK on their devices.

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. Go to DevicesAll Devices.
  3. Click Get App Now.
  4. In the Get app now popup, click Copy Message to copy the sample email to your clipboard.
  5. Modify the message if needed and email it to the end users.

Tutorial Progress

Congratulations! You've completed 5/5 steps of this tutorial! You're ready to use Knox E-FOTA One.