Install and launch the Knox E-FOTA One client

To successfully enroll devices in Knox E-FOTA One, you must first install and launch the Knox E-FOTA client on your devices. The client allows Knox E-FOTA One to manage the device. It functions as an agent that connects the device to the Knox E-FOTA One server.

This section describes several ways to install the Knox E-FOTA client on devices:

NOTE—When the client app is installed, it proceeds to provision the device. The app typically prompts the user to read and accept the privacy policy. If you want the client app to skip this step during device provisioning, you can update the privacy policy setting in the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal. Click your account name on the top-right corner of the screen and select Privacy policy setting. Only a user with a Super Admin role can perform this action.

Manually install and launch the client app

These procedures are useful if you're testing how Knox E-FOTA One works and you want to install the client on just a few devices.

Install the client through Play Store

  1. On the device, launch Play Store.

  2. Search for the Knox E-FOTA One client app.

  3. Follow the prompts to install the app.

  4. Launch the app.

Install the client through a download link

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. Go to Devices > All Devices.

  3. Click Direct Download.

  4. In the Direct Download popup, copy the download link for the APK file.

    NOTE—You can also copy the sample message and send it through email or SMS to your devices.

  5. On each device, download, install, and launch the app:

    1. Tap Download > Open File > Install.

      The client app installs.

    2. Tap Open to launch the app.

Automatically install and launch the client after unboxing

Out-of-box-experience (OOBE) installation is the process of automatically installing the Knox E-FOTA One app to a device after the device's initial setup (after unboxing or factory resetting the device).

The Knox E-FOTA One app is automatically installed on devices during OOBE if you follow this workflow:

  1. You purchase the devices through a Knox reseller that is enrolled in the Knox Deployment Program (KDP).

    NOTE—The devices must have Android P or later.

  2. The reseller uploads the devices under your customer ID through KDP.

  3. You approve the reseller's device upload.

  4. You enroll the devices by assigning a license to them.

    NOTE—The status of the devices must change to Enrollment pending.

When you turn the devices on, they are verified. The Knox E-FOTA One app is then automatically installed and launched on them.

You can streamline the user experience further by auto-enrolling and auto-assigning devices that a reseller uploads.

Install the client through your EMM

The following procedures describe how you can push the Knox E-FOTA One app to devices through your (EMM).

Install and launch the client through Knox Service Plugin

You can use Knox Service Plugin (KSP) to install the Knox E-FOTA client app.

  1. Set up KSP on your EMM console. See the Knox Service Plugin admin guide for information on how you can do this on the most common EMMs.

  2. On your EMM's admin console, go to Application Configuration > Device Owner > Firmware update (FOTA) policy to enable the following KSP policies:

    • Enable device policy controls

    • Enable firmware controls

    • Enable E-FOTA client installation & launch

    In the following example, the VMware console is configured to enable these settings.

  3. Enroll your device to your EMM in DO mode:

    1. Unbox the device if it is brand new. If it is not brand new, perform a factory reset.

      You are prompted to run the setup wizard.

    2. Follow the device setup wizard. When you're prompted to enter a Google email or phone number, enter the DPC identifier. The DPC identifier differs depending on the EMM you're using, but it typically starts with afw#.

      NOTE—There are several other ways to enroll devices in DO mode. For example, you can use Knox Mobile Enrollment or Zero-touch enrollment.

    The EMM app is installed. The user is prompted to log in to complete enrollment. The EMM app automatically installs the KSP client app. In turn, the KSP app installs and launches the Knox E-FOTA One client app.

Install the client through managed Google Play

If your EMM supports the following functionality through managed Google play, you can approve the Knox E-FOTA One app, push the app to your devices, and launch the app on those devices:

  • App installation (DO)

  • Remote app launch

The general workflow is as follows:

  1. Sign in to your EMM.

  2. Use your EMM's search functionality to search for the Knox E-FOTA One app in managed Google Play.

  3. From the search results, select the Knox E-FOTA One app and approve it.

  4. Configure the EMM such that:
    • It automatically installs the app on devices.

    • It automatically launches the app after installation.
  5. Assign the app to the devices that you plan to enroll in Knox E-FOTA One.

NOTE—If your EMM has the capability to automatically launch the client, we strongly recommend you use it. Enrollment cannot be completed until the client is launched on the device.

For detailed information, refer to your EMM's documentation.

Install the client through your EMM as an internal app

If you use an EMM that has an app installation functionality, you may be able to use your EMM's console to push the client app to your devices. For general information on how to push an app to devices through various EMMs, see Install an app through an EMM.

NOTE—If your EMM has the capability to automatically launch the client, we strongly recommend you use it. Enrollment cannot be completed until the client is launched on the device.

Install and launch the client through Knox Configure

With Knox Configure, you can create a profile, upload the client app, add the client app to the profile, and assign the profile to your devices. For more information, see the Knox Configure documentation.

Notify users to install and launch the client

This section describes how to copy a sample message to notify end users to install the client app APK on their devices.

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.

  2. Go to DevicesAll Devices.

  3. Click Direct Download.

  4. In the Direct Download popup, click Copy Message to copy the sample email to your clipboard.

  5. Modify the message if needed and send it to the end users through email or SMS.

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