Get a license

After you sign up for a account, you can proceed to obtain a Knox E-FOTA One license.

This section describes how to obtain an active Knox E-FOTA One license by registering for a 90-day trial or by purchasing a license from a reseller.

NOTE—The trial period for Knox E-FOTA One is 90 days from the date of issue, for up to 100 seats.

Get a Knox E-FOTA One trial license

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal.
  2. In the Licenses tab, click Get a License.

  3. Click Generate Trial License.

    A trial license is generated. It appears in the Licenses screen.

When you're done with your evaluation, you can find resellers near you to purchase a commercial license.

Purchase a Knox E-FOTA One commercial license

When you're ready, you can contact a reseller in your region to purchase Knox E-FOTA One licenses.

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. Go to Licenses and click Get a License.

  3. Click Find Reseller.

  4. On the left, filter through the available resellers to find the one near you:
    • Select your country from the drop-down menu.
    • For the Solutions section, select Knox E-FOTA.

  5. Choose a reseller from the results and contact them directly to purchase your commercial license.
  6. When you receive a commercial license key from a reseller, enter the license key in the Knox E-FOTA One portal.

Enter a license key

Perform these steps when you receive your commercial license from a reseller.

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. Go to Licenses.
  3. Click Actions > Enter license key.

  4. Enter a name for the license and the license key.

  5. Click Add.

Your license key is added and is ready for use.

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