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Features overview

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This section explores the features of Knox E-FOTA by guiding you through common IT admin tasks.


Before starting the procedures, make sure you have met the following requirements:

  1. Get a valid license.
  2. Add and enroll a device to Knox E-FOTA.
  3. Install the Knox E-FOTA client app on the enrolled device.

For more information, see Before you begin.


Below is an overview of the tutorials available for Knox E-FOTA Advanced:

Tutorial Description
Create a campaign Create an operation that deploys a firmware update to devices.
Push and poll Push a firmware update to devices or manually poll the Knox E-FOTA server for updates.
Monitor operations Monitor device statuses.
Manage devices View device information and device logs; perform common operations on devices.
Unenroll devices Unenroll devices from Knox E-FOTA and re-enable B2C FOTA updates.
Manage roles Invite Sub Admins and Viewers.
Join Knox E-FOTA Accept an invitation to manage or view Knox E-FOTA.
View the activity log View or download a list of activities performed in the admin portal.

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