Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General FAQs

  • Q: Where are the Knox E-FOTA One servers hosted?

    A: Knox E-FOTA One is hosted in the following regions:

    Region Amazon Web Services
    North/Central/South America and the Caribbean
    • Oregon, US
    • Virginia, US
    Rest of the world, except China and the Americas
    • Frankfurt, Germany
    • Ireland

    The server location is matched with the region the customer selects during the registration process on

  • Q: Which devices are supported by Knox E-FOTA One?

    A: Knox E-FOTA One supports devices that are running Android N and later on the following UI platforms:

    • Android – Secured by Knox
    • Android – Others

    Visit Devices Secured by Knox and filter for these devices.

  • Q: Which firmware versions can be downloaded through Knox E-FOTA One?

    A: Knox E-FOTA gives you access to a list of official firmware released through the general Samsung FOTA service within the last 12 months.

  • Q: Do I need to do a firewall exception to use Knox E-FOTA One?

    A: Yes, in order to securely reach and connect to Knox services and resources, a firewall exception is required. See Firewall exceptions for more information.

Features FAQs

  • Q: What does OOBE installation mean?

    A: If devices are preregistered through the Knox Deployment Program (KDP) and enrolled in the Knox E-FOTA One service, the Knox E-FOTA client is automatically installed on these devices during the out-of-box experience (OOBE). This means a campaign will be automatically applied to the devices right after they are unboxed. If a factory reset is done on a device, the Knox E-FOTA client app will be installed again and the latest campaign will be applied automatically. For more information, see Automatically install and launch the client after unboxing.

  • Q: How can I install the Knox E-FOTA client app to devices?

    A: There are several ways you can install the Knox E-FOTA client app. See Install the Knox E-FOTA One client for more information.

  • Q: How does a device behave during a firmware update?

    A: See What happens to a device during a campaign?

  • Q: What happens when a device is unenrolled?

    A: If a device is unenrolled from the Knox E-FOTA service, the Knox E-FOTA client app is uninstalled automatically (depending on the device's condition). B2C-FOTA updates are then re-enabled on the device. In cases where the Knox E-FOTA client is not uninstalled automatically, the end user must uninstall it manually.

  • Q: How does EMM sync work?

    A: Once EMM sync is established, the device and group info will be synced every 6 hours. On-demand manual sync is also possible on the Knox E-FOTA One portal.

  • Q: What happens when an admin deletes or cancels an active campaign (for example, the server is currently streaming binaries to target devices)?

    A: If an active campaign is stopped, ongoing activities (such as downloading) will continue to run until completed, but the firmware will not be installed.

  • Q: How many tags can be applied?

    A: There is no limitation to the number of tags that can be applied.

  • Q: Will Knox E-FOTA One operate correctly under DO and COPE environments?

    A: Knox E-FOTA One will operate correctly when it's installed on the User0(Primary user) area. Also, if the DO environment has a list of allowed apps, then Knox E-FOTA One should be added to this list for it to work properly.

Technical FAQs

  • Q: What is a FOTA service?

    A: Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) is a service that allows IT admins to efficiently and securely push firmware updates to a fleet of enterprise mobile devices. When pushing a firmware update, Samsung generates a delta file or a change file for updating a firmware to a new version. This will then be released through the general Samsung FOTA service, which is then delivered to enterprise devices over-the-air.

  • Q: What is the communication mechanism between the Knox E-FOTA One server and client?

    A: The main communication mechanism is push based. When an IT admin configures devices through the Knox E-FOTA One portal, the push message is sent through a Google FCM server. To back up the push system, we also implemented a polling mechanism. The client will periodically poll the server configuration information every 24 hours. Alternatively, the end user can manually poll for the latest policy from a server. See Push and poll.

  • Q: What background activities are happening on a device during the following processes:

    • Installation of Knox E-FOTA client app

    • Enrollment to Knox E-FOTA

    A: During the installation, no background activities are performed. During enrollment, the following are performed in the background:

    • Disable the device's B2C FOTA client

    • Disable uninstallation of the Knox E-FOTA client app. That is, the end user cannot uninstall it.

  • Q: What is the update policy for the Knox E-FOTA client?

    A: When the latest version of the Knox E-FOTA client app is published, the client app is updated.

  • Q: Is the Knox E-FOTA One client a preloaded app?

    A: No. The Knox E-FOTA One client is a downloadable app (platform-signed app).

  • Q: Is the Knox E-FOTA One client available on Google Play?

    A: Yes, you can download and install Knox E-FOTA One through Google Play.

  • Q: When an organization has multiple Knox services, in what order are the Knox services enrolled?

    A: See Enrollment flow.

Security FAQs

  • Q: Is multi-factor authentication for the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal planned?

    A: Currently, Samsung Account supports 2FA. If you turn on 2FA for Samsung Account authentication, you can harden your authentication method.

Post support FAQs

  • Q: What is the post-GA release policy?

    A: The post-GA release policy is as follows:

    • Server only feature—Monthly release

    • Server / client feature—Bi-monthly release

Roadmap FAQs

  • Q: Which EMMs can be integrated with Knox E-FOTA One?

    A: See Supported EMMs for a list of EMMs you can integrate with Knox E-FOTA One. MobileIron and IBM will follow soon.

License FAQs

  • Q: What happens when the license expires?

    A: When a license expires, the firmware version is frozen on the devices that are using that license. If you want to stop using the Knox E-FOTA service after license expiration, you must unenroll the device to enable B2C FOTA updates.

    When your license expires, you can no longer assign devices to campaigns.