Enroll devices

When you have added devices to Knox E-FOTA One, you can enroll them. Devices you enroll consume license seats. You must enroll a device in order to be able to push firmware updates to it.

There are different ways to enroll devices. You can automatically enroll devices in the process of uploading a device or registering a reseller. You can also enroll devices by selecting them from the device list in Devices > All Devices and clicking ActionsEnroll devices.

The following procedures are just two of the many ways you can enroll devices.

Enroll devices from the uploads list

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal.
  2. Go to DevicesUploads.
  3. Find the upload that contains the devices you want to enroll, and click View.

    A list of devices included in the upload is displayed.

  4. (Optional) In Search, enter a search string to refine the device list. You can search on the following fields:
    • Device ID
    • Model
    • Campaign
    • Tags
  5. Select the devices you want to enroll.
  6. Click ActionsEnroll devices.

  7. Select the license to be used to enroll the selected devices.

  8. Click Done.

    The devices' statuses change to Enrollment pending. To complete the enrollment process, install the Knox E-FOTA One client app on the devices (if this app is not already installed through the out-of-box experience).

Enroll devices by uploading a CSV file

With Knox E-FOTA One, you can efficiently enroll a list of devices by uploading a CSV file.

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal.
  2. At the bottom of the left-hand navigation, click Bulk Actions.

  3. Click Enroll Devices.

  4. Click Download CSV template and open the downloaded file.
  5. In column A, enter the IMEI or serial numbers of the devices you want to enroll so that there's one device per row.

    NOTE—Do not include a header row and do not leave any rows empty. You can enroll up to 10,000 devices (rows) per upload.

    Ensure that all devices you list have already been added and are already listed in your device list in Knox E-FOTA One.

  6. Save the file as a .csv file.
  7. In the Knox E-FOTA One portal, click Browse and select your CSV file.

  8. Auto-enroll or assign the devices to a campaign. Each device you enroll consumes one license seat.

    Choose one of the following options:

    • Auto Enroll/Lock Firmware—If you choose this option, select the license to be used.
    • Assign default campaign—You can only assign devices if you already have a campaign. If you choose this option:
      • Select the campaign to assign the devices to.
      • Select the license to be used to enroll the devices.

  9. Click Submit.

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