Before you start EMM integration

This section provides information you need to take advantage of Knox E-FOTA One's EMM integration feature.

EMM account

To use Knox E-FOTA One's EMM integration feature, you need an account for one of the following EMMs:

  • Knox Manage
  • VMware

Authentication information

In order to connect to your EMM through the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal, you need additional information from your EMM. You can get the required information by performing the following procedures:

Create a client ID in Knox Manage

Perform this procedure to get the details you need to connect to Knox Manage through the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal.

  1. Log in to Knox Manage.

  2. Go to Advanced > EMM API > API Client.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Create a client ID and password.

  5. Specify how long you want the token for this client ID to be valid.

  6. Click Save.

Create a REST API key on VMware

If you use VMware as your EMM, you must enable REST API access and create an API key for Knox E-FOTA One. You will then use the generated API key to connect to VMware through the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal.

To create a REST API key

  1. Log in to the VMware admin console.
  2. Go to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > API > Rest API.
  3. Go to the General tab.
  4. Beside Enable API Access, click Enabled.
  5. Click Add.

    A REST API key is generated.

  6. Copy the generated REST API key to a file and save it. You’ll use with Knox E-FOTA One.
  7. Under Service, enter a unique name for the API key. Example: AirWatchAPI.
  8. Under Account Type, select Admin.
  9. Under Description, describe the purpose of the API key. Example: AirWatchAPI for Knox E-FOTA One.
  10. Click Save.