Managing EMM groups

With Knox E-FOTA One, you can streamline your device management tasks by syncing device groups from your EMM. Connecting Knox E-FOTA to your EMM helps ensure that your device groups are never out of sync. Device information is managed in the EMM so that the Knox E-FOTA admin doesn't have to do it manually.

Tutorial Description
Before you start EMM integration

Perform the prerequisite procedure to obtain authentication information from the EMM.

Add device groups from your EMM Connect to your EMM through the Knox E-FOTA One admin portal and choose the device groups you want to sync.
Manage EMM groups Add or remove EMM device groups, enroll devices by EMM group, assign device groups to a campaign, push firmware updates to device groups, and manage device group priority.
Disconnect your EMM Unenroll device groups and disconnect your EMM from Knox E-FOTA One.

NOTE—If you want to use Knox Manage or VMware to install the Knox E-FOTA client app to your test devices, see Install an app through an EMM.