Add device groups from VMware

This procedure describes how to connect to your VMware account and select the device groups you want to sync with Knox E-FOTA.

This procedure assumes that you have the prerequisites needed to connect to VMware.

NOTE—You can only sync Smart Groups from VMware.

To add device groups from VMware

  1. Log in to the Knox Admin Portal. In the left sidebar, click Knox E-FOTA.
  2. Go to EMM groups and then click Connect EMM.

  3. Select VMware Workspace ONE.
  4. Enter your login credentials:

    • Username—Username of your VMware account.
    • Password— Password of your VMware account.
    • URL—Your VMware Workspace One URL followed by /API/MDM. See the example below.
    • API Key—REST API key created using the VMware console. For information on how to create this key, see Create a REST API key on VMware.

  5. Click Connect.

    The device groups from VMware are loaded.

  6. Select the device groups you want to sync to Knox E-FOTA. Only Samsung devices are shown in the device groups.

    Syncing device groups

  7. Click Add E-FOTA Groups.

    The device groups are added to Knox E-FOTA and their details are synced from your EMM. Once the sync is done, you can click on a device group name to view the devices in that group.

    NOTE — You cannot modify device group information on Knox E-FOTA. This is only possible through your EMM's console. Every 24 hours, device group information is synced from your EMM to Knox E-FOTA. You can also do a manual sync by clicking Sync now at the top-right corner of the EMM groups tab.

    The sync status and Auto-sync button

NOTE — The Last synced on time updates instantly when you sync changes from a group using Manage EMM groups, Sync now, or Periodic Auto Sync.