Add device groups from SOTI

This procedure describes how to connect to your SOTI account and select the device groups you want to sync with Knox E-FOTA.

This procedure assumes that you have the prerequisites needed to connect to SOTI.

NOTE—You can sync device groups from SOTI. You cannot sync virtual groups.

NOTE - In SOTI, device groups can be arranged in hierarchies. That is, a device can belong to a group, and that group can in turn have a parent group. When you add a device from SOTI to Knox E-FOTA, you only get information about the device group that device directly belongs to.

To add device groups from SOTI

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA One portal.
  2. Go to EMM groups and then click Connect EMM.

  3. Select SOTI.
  4. Enter your login credentials:

    • Username—Your username.

    • Password—Your password.

    • URL—URL of your SOTI admin portal.

    • Client ID—Client ID of your API client for Knox E-FOTA.

    • Client secret—Client secret associated with the API client.

  5. Click Connect.

    The device groups from SOTI are loaded.

  1. Select the device groups you want to sync to Knox E-FOTA.

    NOTE—Only Samsung devices are shown.

  2. Click Add E-FOTA Groups.

    The device groups are added to Knox E-FOTA One and their details are synced from your EMM. Once the sync is done, you can click on a device group name to view the devices in that group.

    NOTE—You cannot modify device group information on Knox E-FOTA. This is only possible through your EMM’s console. Every 6 hours, device group information is synced from your EMM to Knox E-FOTA. You can also do a manual sync by clicking the Sync now at the top-right corner of the EMM groups tab.

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