Complete enrollment

Once the Knox E-FOTA app is installed on the device user's device, they must launch the app to complete the enrollment process.

Ensure that the device user performs the following steps:

  1. Launch the Knox E-FOTA app.

  2. Accept the terms and conditions.

    Device enrollment starts.

    When enrollment is complete, the client app shows that the device is in Enrolled state.

    In the Knox E-FOTA admin portal, the device's status is Enrolled.

    At this point, the B2C FOTA updates are disabled. To verify whether B2C FOTA updates have been successfully disabled on a device, the device user can go to Settings > Software update. If B2C FOTA updates are disabled, the options in this screen are greyed out (disabled).

    The device can now be managed with Knox E-FOTA.

Tutorial Progress

Congratulations! You've completed 6/6 steps of this tutorial! You're ready to use Knox E-FOTA.

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