Complete enrollment

Once the Knox E-FOTA One app is installed on the end user's device, they must launch the app to complete the enrollment process.

Ensure that the end user performs the following steps:

  1. Launch the Knox E-FOTA One app.

  2. Accept the terms and conditions.

    Device enrollment starts.

    When enrollment is complete, the portal and the client app show that the device is in Enrolled state.

    At this point, the B2C FOTA updates are disabled. To verify whether B2C FOTA updates have been successfully disabled on a device, the end user can go to Settings > Software update. If B2C FOTA updates are disabled, the options in this screen are greyed out (disabled).

    The device can now be managed with Knox E-FOTA One.

Tutorial Progress

Congratulations! You've completed 6/6 steps of this tutorial! You're ready to use Knox E-FOTA One.