Client status

Action status code -> client error code details

Update status


Client display - title

Client display - description and action button

Client display - notification


·        No active campaign

·        Scheduled, expired, canceled, or no campaign


Locked firmware

·        Campaign active

·        Campaign policy is ‘lock current firmware’

No update required

Higher firmware

·        The assigned campaign has a valid target

·        Target version < Current firmware version

Update requested software is higher than the current version

Invalid firmware

·        Invalid target

·        EFM returns unavailable

No valid target software version

Awaiting for download

·        Valid target

·        The download condition was unmet when checking the condition

·        WIFI, Roaming, WIFI due to size, → System retry every 1 hour

·        Rack of device storage → System retry at heart beating

·        No download allowed timezone → ??

Awaiting software download

Check the download condition below and retry again Download Now

In-progress (Downloading)

·        Downloading the firmware

Downloading software

Ongoing notification

·        Software update - Connecting to server ...

·        Software update - Downloading update ...

Awaiting for installation

·        Valid target and successfully downloaded

·        Installation condition was unmet when checking the condition

·        Cable, battery level, on the phone call, insufficient storage → System retry every 1 hour

·        User postpone, No install allowed timezone → System retry at a set time

Awaiting software installation

Check the installation condition below  and retry again Install Now


·        Firmware-Name has been downloaded (Download is completed but not to start installation due to unmet condition)

·        (When firmware install screen appears and user click the later button) Firmware ready to be installed Install Now

·        (When firmware install screen appears and user click the Install button OR user click Install button on notification, but the condition is unmet) Couldn't install firmware Retry now

·        Not allowed time: %s can't be installed now. Try again between % and %s

·        Charging: Your device must be charging while installing %s. Plugin your phone, then try again

·        Battery level: There isn't enough battery to install %s. Charge your phone, then try again later

·        Storage: To install this update, you need %p MB more free space in your device's internal storage. Free up some space by uninstalling apps or deleting files, then try again

·        Calling: Unable to install the firmware %s while a call was being made


·        (When the condition is okay) Firmware ready to be installed Later or Install (%)

In-progress (Installing)

·        Installing the firmware

·        Recovery mode → Rebooting→ E-FOTA One gets the boot completed intent

Installing software


·        Android machine with a progress bar


·        The update is completed and has a target firmware

·        The target firmware is the same as the current firmware (without update)

You have the requested software


·        Dummy binary is installed

·        The test campaign is unassigned or expired or canceled

·        The device is going back to normal binary

Reverting to origin software

Failed to download

·        Netowork error - Retry notification

·        Download completed but the firmware file has a problem (checksum, size)

·        An error happened during downloading (Fail reported from download module)

Couldn't download software

Couldn't download software

Something went wrong while downloading. Try again. Retry


·        (When netowrk error): Couldn't download software (수정필요) - Something went wrong while downloading. Try again later. Retry

Failed to install

·        Device is rooted

·        Current firmware = Not official binary

·        Device firmware info is different from firmware info of the server

·        Error returns from install module

·        instinstall is terminated

·        installation module error

·        dm-verity check error

·        update of the recovery area is failed

·        unexpected error

Couldn’t update software

Failed to update software. 

Contact your IT Admin

Pop up

·        Couldn't update software - Failed to update software. Contact your IT admin. OK

Campaign error

·        Workset from the server is invalid

·        URL of workset is invalid

·        Null point exception occurs when reading a campaign

·        The general exception occurs when reading a campaign

Couldn’t start the campaign

Pop up

·        Couldn't start the campaign - Failed to start the campaign. Contact your IT admin. OK

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