Knox E-FOTA Advanced feature update

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November 17, 2019

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal updates

Version: SWM-v11.2.0.35-Samsung1.27.3

License enhancements

The following enhancements were made to licensing:

  • Using your existing license key
    • Whenever there is a change in your license details (a change in your device quota or timespan), a new license key doesn’t need to be generated. You can keep using your existing license key.
    • You can now change your license key by going to Admin > Domains. In the table, find the domain whose license you want to change and click the Edit button that corresponds to it. In the next screen, you can modify the value in the License field. Save and close the screen. See Edit a domain for more information.

  • Showing license data
    • Each IT admin (who has "admin" permission) at a customer company can now see license data (quota and timespan) in each root domain. Go to AdminDomains and view the License column of the table.

    • License details for each domain are also available in the SERVICE domain. Go to Admin > Domains and view the License column of the table to view the following details:

      • Key—License key provided by Samsung.
      • TypeProd means the license is commercial. Test means it's a trial license.
      • StatusActive means the license is in use. Otherwise, it's expired.
      • Quantity—Total devices allowed to be registered.
      • Expiration—Expiration date of the license.

  • Deleting an account or domain—When you delete an account or domain, the license is also deleted. However, only accounts or domains with expired licenses can be deleted.
  • Expiring license keys—Starting from four weeks before your license expires, we will send weekly reminder emails to the domain admin (IT-Admin) that your license is expiring. A notification will also appear when you log in to the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal.
  • Adding additional devices to your license—When you modify your license to increase the device quota, the updated device quota becomes visible in the Advanced E-FOTA portal.

Enhancements in the notification email sent after a firmware update

The email address that is used to send notification emails about firmware updates has been changed to Previously, it was In addition, email notifications now include the following information:

  • Component name
  • Firmware ID
  • Source version name
  • Target version name
  • Source version number
  • Target version number
  • File name
  • Size

Newly uploaded binary files are now set with the Inactive status by default

To prevent an active policy from using an untested binary file, each new binary file that you upload now has the Inactive status by default. While inactive, a binary file cannot be used to create a campaign. It can only be used to perform test operations. Once you have tested the new binary, you can manually set its status to Active. It can then be used to create a campaign.

Security enhancements

The following security enhancements have been added.

  • Out-of-band resource load (HTTP)—To prevent denial-of-service attacks, each domain will only accept network requests from other domains that are allowed in its web server.
  • Cross-origin resource sharing—Cross-origin resource sharing from one domain to another is now supported only if the requesting domain is allowed in the target domain’s web server.
  • Session token in URL—A POST method and HTTP cookie are now used to prevent sensitive information from being logged in various locations (including in a user's browser, a web server, and a reverse proxy server).

Enhancement to the General Settings screen

The General Settings screen, which is accessible through Admin > General Settings, has been modified to include a link to Support.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client updates


Enhancement to client log files

For debugging purposes, the tree.xml and reg.conf files are now included in log files you can get from a device. For more information see, Get a client log.

Solved issues

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal

  • Option to allow devices to be added while a campaign is running—Previously, the option Allow devices to be added while a campaign is running did not work as intended. Some devices were not properly updated during the campaign even when this option was enabled. This bug is now fixed.
  • Registering a device by importing a CSV file—Previously, when importing a CSV file to register a device, details about the device (label and friendly name) were erased from the console once the device was active. This has been fixed. The label and friendly name are now retained.