Knox E-FOTA Advanced feature update

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May 11, 2020—Feature update

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal updates

Version: SWM-v11.2.0.35-Samsung1.28.1 (Plugin samsung-b2b-dmflow-plugin-

No feature updates.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client updates


No feature updates.

Solved issues

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client

The Knox E-FOTA Advanced client app (version and later) stopped communicating with the Knox E-FOTA server

The Knox E-FOTA Advanced client app (version and later) has logic that causes the client to perform token validation before communicating with the server. The token expired on May 2, causing token validation to fail. Consequently, the affected clients do not attempt to communicate with the server. This issue was resolved by updating the client token authentication logic.