Knox E-FOTA Advanced feature update — Mar 10, 2019

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Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal updates

Version: SWM-v11.2.0.35-HF1.2-Samsung1.17

System infrastructure improvements

Included with this release is a Central Repository Server (CFR) to improve stability when restoring binary files, along with an Update Retrieval Utility (URU) for advanced firmware management.

Portal UX enhancements

With this release, enhancements to the Knox Enterprise Advanced UI includes the following additions:

  • Firmware descriptions—The firmware list now displays a Description column as part of the UI. Selecting a firmware from the list displays additional firmware description details and release notes. To view, go to Software Management > Firmware.

  • Tool tips—When creating a new campaign, the UI now displays a tool tip pop up when hovering over the drop down selection under Selected Software Version. To view, go to Campaign Management > Campaign > New Knox E-FOTA Campaign > Action.

  • Device Group menu—For managing device group, a new Device Groups menu has been added under Device Management.

Device list enhancement

This release enhances the device list table found in Device Management by including the following device firmware description: Application processor (AP), Consumer Software Customization (CSC), and Core processor.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client updates

Version: vdm-11.2-samsungb2b-

Multi-language support on client app

With the addition of Spanish, supported languages for the Knox E-FOTA Advanced client app now include Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

Trust store certificates

Trust store certificates can now be retrieved from a configurable path for HTTPs connection. For Knox E-FOTA Advanced on premise, admins can create a trusted self-signed certificate.

Solved issues

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal

  • The device model names are now set by Android when the model name is automatically created.
  • The issue where subdomains could be deleted, even if devices and other entities belong to the subdomain, has been resolved.
  • The issue where Wi-Fi only devices were failing to unenroll is now resolved.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client

  • The client app will no longer display a UI prompt for domain name and PIN for device polling.
  • The domain and PIN UI prompt will only display when the app times out for the first time.
  • IT admins have access to installation mode and reboot even for Android devices that fail to verify.