Knox E-FOTA Advanced feature update — July 30, 2019

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Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal updates

Version: SWM-v11.2.0.35-Samsung1.23

Campaign enhancement

Prior to this release, selecting Allow devices to be added while campaign is running when creating a New E-FOTA Campaign resulted in campaigns closing once all target devices received the update. This included campaigns where the campaign period hasn't expired yet.

As an enhancement to this feature, selecting Allow devices to be added while campaign is running now results in the campaign remaining open until the campaign period expires. This improvement enables the IT admin to add additional devices to the campaign while the campaign remains active.

Online help tool update

The online help tool has been revised to include tables with updated information. Additionally, content related to the command line interface (CLI) has been removed in favor of providing information on the E-FOTA Advanced portal interface.

Device search filter improvements

As part of this release, an improvement to the Device Search page includes the ability to filter by device group using the Load Device Group drop-down menu. Additionally, the order of the device group shown in the Load Device Group drop-down menu has been enhanced to be consistent with the device group list in the Device Group page.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client updates

Version: vdm-11.2-samsungb2b-

Network load enforced when connected to Wi-Fi

Previously, a mobile network connectivity was required to enforce the Network load quota on managed devices. With this release, customers are able to manage Network Load while devices are connected to Wi-Fi.

Polling after device reboot

This release includes an enhancement which triggers device polling immediately after a reboot. This ensures the device detects the most recent active campaign available sooner as opposed to delaying a check in with the E-FOTA server until the next scheduled polling cycle.

Install the client app remotely and launch without the UI for kiosk mode

This update enables the remote deployment and launch of the E-FOTA Advanced client app in the background of a device without a UI pop-up. This feature can be especially useful for Kiosk mode devices.

After enabling this feature, IT admins use Knox Configure (KC), Knox Manage (KM), or other EMMs to remotely install the client app, and initiate the app to run in the background of the device. Note that this feature can also be enabled by running the Android custom intent samsung.efota.custom.intent.action.STARTDMCLIENTBG after the client app is already installed .

Solved issues

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal

  • The Delete Group button has been removed from the Device Search page since there is now a separate page for Device Group.
  • A correction has been applied to the notice shown when saving a policy with an invalid name.
  • A bug fix has been applied to ensure the device count for Device Groups is accurate.
  • The issue in Domain settings where Enable data Download Over Mobile Network displayed NO incorrectly after being enabled has been resolved.
  • A bug fix has been applied to the device export report to remove the "unknown" text generated in the exported csv file.
  • A fix has been applied to resolve issues with the Device Search filter to ensure that filtering by Device Model : " SM-Default" returns only related results.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client

  • The client app has been stabilized to resolve issues that occurred when long pressing on TextView on the client UI.
  • The issue regarding polling interval delays has been resolved.
  • The issue where the Firmware status failed to update has been resolved.