Knox E-FOTA Advanced feature update

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February 16, 2020—Feature update

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal updates

Version: SWM-v11.2.0.35-Samsung1.28.1 (Plugin samsung-b2b-dmflow-plugin-

No feature updates.

Knox E-FOTA Advanced client updates


No feature updates.

Solved issues

Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal

  • Resource does not exist—If a device operation was created in a root domain, and a user attempted to expand it in the subdomain, that user would get the error Error - Resource does not exist. This has been fixed; the user is now able to expand the device operation in the subdomain.
  • Deleting subdomains—A bug fix has been applied to ensure that subdomains are deleted from the list whenever they are removed from the domain.
  • Auto-selection of devices with the same friendly name—A bug fix has been applied to ensure that devices with the same friendly name are now automatically selected during campaign creation.
  • Creating device groups under a subdomain—Previously, when a subdomain-level user created a device group, they were unable to view that device group even if they were able to successfully create it. This has been fixed; a user who creates a device group under a subdomain can now instantly view that device group.
  • Applying a factory reset policy on a subdomain—Previously, when a user executed a device profile on a subdomain to allow or disallow factory resets, and the Allow new devices to be added option was enabled, operations were created for all devices in the domain, not just the subdomain selected. This has been fixed; a user can now apply a factory reset policy at the subdomain level even if the Allow new devices to be added option is enabled.
  • Registering SM-Default devices—A bug fix has been applied to ensure that devices are registered successfully with the device model SM-Default through the admin portal and through API calls.
  • Export Devices with Inventories—A bug fix has been applied to ensure that the Export Devices with Inventories report will always display the inventory versions of devices.