Manage your license

This tutorial describes how to manage your Knox E-FOTA Advanced license.

Update your license information

  1. Log in to the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal.
  2. Go to Admin > Domains.

  3. In the table, find the domain whose license you want to update and click the Edit button that corresponds to it.
  4. In Domain Details, modify the value of the License field.

  5. Click Save & Close.

NOTE—Whenever there is a change in your license details (a change in your device quota or timespan), a new license key doesn’t need to be generated. You can keep using your existing license key. However, you'll need to manually refresh the license information in the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal by performing this procedure. In this case, you don't need to modify the License field; just click Save & Close on the screen and your license information is refreshed.

Show license data

Users that have the Admin role can see license data (quota and timespan) in their root domain. Go to AdminDomains and view the License column of the table.

Go to Admin > Domains and view the License column of the table to view the following details:

  • Key—License key provided by Samsung.
  • TypeProd means the license is commercial. Test means it's a trial license.
  • StatusActive means the license is in use. Otherwise, it's expired.
  • Quantity—Total devices allowed to be registered.
  • Expiration—Expiration date of the license.

Expiring licenses

Starting from four weeks before your license expires, we will send weekly reminder emails to the domain admin that your license is expiring. A notification will also appear when you log in to the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal.

When a license expires, the account or domain it's attached to can be deleted. This action deletes the license as well.