How to troubleshoot a device list upload failure in Knox E-FOTA Advanced


  • Knox E-FOTA Advanced


In the event that a device import fails, a log file containing the list of failed lines is created. This knowledge base article guides you through the steps on how to troubleshoot error log files in Knox E-FOTA Advanced. 

How do I troubleshoot error log files in Knox E-FOTA Advanced? 

After a failed device import, you can access the automatically generated log file through an error message that appears in the Software Management Server UI. Follow the link to view the log file. 

Below are some common causes for the failed import:

  • An entered device model and/or vendor does not exist in the Software Management Server.
  • A mandatory field was left blank. 
  • When deleting and editing devices, the domain in which they were contained was not selected. 
  • During import, separate files were not made for each additional domain.

Additional information

To learn more about how to troubleshoot a device import file, see the Knox E-FOTA Advanced documentation.