What is the difference between a Knox E-FOTA Silent Forced Update and Knox E-FOTA Critical Forced Update?

In order to minimize security holes while maximizing firmware management costs, Knox E-FOTA enables IT admins to push OS updates on all devices with its Forced Update features. An IT admin can select "˜Force' when updating devices via an MDM console, which is equivalent to "˜Silent Update' on Knox E-FOTA Advanced console when setting a Knox E-FOTA policy. The new firmware version will be installed without user intervention or user notification. Usually, IT admins set update schedules for Silent Forced Update to non-business hours.

Additionally, Knox E-FOTA Advanced offers a "˜Critical Update' option which allows for a fine-tune on FOTA. End-users receive a pop-up and are able to delay (but not reject) the update if it is an inconvenient time. Unless the user chooses "˜Later,' the new OS version is installed and updated within 5 minutes.