How can I prevent or skip an OS update following device repairs at Samsung service center?

If a device user visits a Samsung Authorized Service Center (ASC) to repair a device, as part of standard diagnostic and repair process, it will usually require an OS update or factory reset. However, ASC will skip device OS update procedure for Knox E-FOTA enabled devices in the following cases:

  • Knox E-FOTA / Advanced — Once the device is enrolled, a hidden setting will take effect to prevent firmware recovery and the device will also be identified as an B2B (E-FOTA) enabled device by ASC diagnostic tools such as Fenrir. Then the OS update step via Fenrir will be skipped.
  • Knox E-FOTA on MDM — The IT admin should set the device to Allow Firmware Recovery or set the Firmware download mode control policy to be disabled from the MDM setting so that Knox E-FOTA enrolled devices will be properly identified as B2B on Fenrir.

Allow firmware recovery policy setting in Knox Manage

In these cases, ASC will be aware as to skip software update and finish the repair process. 

However, as part of a component compatibility requirement, if the repair requires the main board to be replaced or a forced factory reset then the device would need to be updated to the latest OS version.