Tutorials Overview

This section explores the features of Knox E-FOTA Advanced by guiding you through common IT admin tasks step by step.


Before starting the tutorials, make sure you have the following requirements:

  1. Set up Knox E-FOTA Advanced with a valid license.
  2. Register a device to Knox E-FOTA Advanced.
  3. Install the Knox E-FOTA Advanced client app on the registered device.

These requirements are discussed more on Set up: Knox E-FOTA Advanced.


Below is an overview of the tutorials available for Knox E-FOTA Advanced:

Tutorial Description
Execute a push update

Push an OS update to devices without any user interaction needed by starting a new campaign.

Monitor operations Monitor operations generated by executing a campaign. Optionally generate and export a CSV report file.
Manage devices View device information, register devices, delete devices, and create device groups.
Manage firmware Create a firmware package and deploy full version software or delta files to one or more target devices.
Manage domains Add subdomains under each root domain, view your domain list, and learn more about managing domains.
Manage users Add new users and assign roles, view your user list, reset passwords, and learn more about managing users.
Manage your license View your license details, change your license key, and learn more about managing your license.