Obtain a license

After you've signed up for a account, you can proceed to obtain a Knox E-FOTA license, which is issued by Software License Management (SLM).

This section describes how to obtain an active Knox E-FOTA Advanced license by registering for a 90-day trial or by purchasing a license from a reseller.

Apply for a Knox E-FOTA Advanced trial license

NOTE—When applying for trial credentials, only a valid work email address will be approved.
  1. Go to the Knox E-FOTA product page.
  2. Click Get started.

  3. Select Knox E-FOTA Advanced.

  4. Enter your work email address, then click TRY FOR FREE.

    NOTE—If you haven't logged in yet, you'll be asked to log in to your Samsung account. If you don't have one, see Before you begin for information on how to create one. A Samsung account allows for single-sign-on across all Knox solutions and services.

  5. Complete the mandatory fields to Create a Knox E-FOTA Advanced Account:
    • Your Knox E-FOTA Advanced SLM Key—Click Generate trial key.
    • Username—Enter your company email.
    • Preferred domain name—Enter a unique domain name, such as your company's name.
  6. Once complete, click Set up Knox E-FOTA Advanced.
    • You will receive an email confirmation containing a summary of the information you've provided.
    • Samsung will review your request and will set up a trial environment for the device specified in the application form.

Once setup is complete, you can launch the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal directly from your dashboard. Note that the domain type for Knox E-FOTA Advanced will depend on the registered license type. For example, a trial license allows access to a trial domain.

Purchase a commercial license

Once you're ready, you can contact a reseller in your region to request to purchase Knox E-FOTA Advanced licenses:

  1. Go to the Knox E-FOTA product page.
  2. Click Get started.

  3. Click Buy From a Reseller.

  4. On the left, filter through the available resellers to find the one near you:
    • Select your country from the drop-down menu.
    • For the Solutions section, select Knox E-FOTA.

  5. Once you've purchased a commercial license key from a reseller, check your email to complete the Knox E-FOTA Advanced On-boarding Application Form.
  6. Send the completed form to

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