Execute a campaign update

This tutorial describes how to start a new campaign to provide OS updates to registered devices.

Once a new campaign is active, the device-side client app intermittently polls the Knox E-FOTA server to check for the latest available update. With each campaign, multiple operations can be included for each device.

When multiple campaigns are run on the same device, operations are queued in order of priority. If operations have the same order of priority, the operations will be executed according to the campaign start time.

NOTE—To prevent an active policy from using an untested binary file, each new binary file that you upload has the Inactive status by default. While inactive, a binary file cannot be used to create a campaign. It can only be used to perform test operations. Once you have tested the new binary, you can manually set its status to Active. It can then be used to create a campaign. For more information, see Manage firmware: Update firmware status.

Create a new campaign

Execute a new update campaign through the Campaign Management page.

While the campaign is active, target devices poll the server to check for the latest available updates to download and install. Campaigns specify which target software version will be available.

To create a new campaign:

  1. Log into the Knox E-FOTA Advanced portal.
  2. Go to Campaign Management > Campaigns.

  3. Click New E-FOTA Campaign.
  4. Enter the following Campaign Details:
    • Campaign Name—Enter a name of up to 80 characters.
    • Description—(Optional) Enter a description of up to 5000 characters, for example, "Security update".
    • Update Failure Message—(Optional) This message is displayed to the device user if the update fails to download. Enter a message of up to 256 characters.
    • Update Success Message—(Optional) This message is displayed to the device user once the update successfully downloads. Enter a message of up to a maximum of 256 characters.
    • Campaign Period—Enter a date range for the campaign to remain active. The value must be set to at least 1 hour.
  5. Scroll to Selected Devices—Specify a target device for the update campaign.
    • Allow devices to be added while campaign is running—(Optional) If you select this, the campaign will remain active even when all enrolled devices have been updated. The campaign will only expire at the specified end date of the campaign period. During the period when the campaign is active, you can add more devices to it.
    • To push to a single device—Select Device ID or Friendly Name.
    • To push to a group of devices—Select Device Group or Domain.
  6. Under Select Action, choose Deploy Selected Software Versions.

  7. Select the name of the software to push.
  8. Select the software version to push.
  9. Click Execute.

NOTE—A device that is off during this campaign period will have a pending status until the device is turned on. If the device remains off during the duration of the campaign period, it won't receive the command to update.

Set a schedule for the update

Setting a schedule for campaigns minimizes disruptions during critical business hours.

To customize the schedule, expand Download & Update when creating a new campaign.

Download & Update—(Optional) Allows the admin to customize download settings.

Enter values for the following options:

  • Download Time Slot—Specify a time range for the device to download updates.
  • Update Start Time—Enter the time and date for the campaign to start.
NOTE—The Download Time Slot and Update Start Time are based on the local device time. When you set the values for these options, ensure that they fall within the period when the campaign is active. Campaign Period is based on the local server time.

Customize network options

Customize download options using the Download & Update menu.

Specify the network connection required to download updates by setting custom network options. Set devices to download updates through mobile data or restrict updates to occur through Wi-Fi only to avoid incurring data charges. Knox E-FOTA Advanced also enables the ability to balance network load for optimal bandwidth control.

To customize the network options, create a new campaign, and expand Download & Update before executing.

Download & Update—(Optional) Allows the admin to customize download settings.

Select the following network customization options:

  • Enable data download over mobile network—Enables updates to download while connected to mobile data. If you don't select this option, devices will only update when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Maximum data downloaded over mobile—Set a value for the maximum size that can be downloaded over a cellular network.
  • Network Load—Allows you to define a maximum load value per time period when downloading an update over Wi-Fi or cellular network. If you set this option, a device downloading an update can't download more than the set quota over the set timeframe. This option has the following fields:
    • Quota—Download size that cannot be exceeded over a set time period. Possible values: Integer between 0 to 600 MB (inclusive).
    • Timeframe—Time period in which a download operation cannot exceed a set value. Possible values: Integer greater than 0.

    NOTE—To enable the Network Load option and set default values, go to Admin > Domain Settings > Network load. When you set default values, those values are automatically displayed each time you create a new campaign, but you can always adjust them as needed.

  • Wi-Fi Only Expiration Date & Time—Set devices to update only when connected to a Wi-Fi network until a particular date and time. When the expiration date and time are reached, devices will be able to use cellular data to download updates. The date and time are based on local server time.
  • Update Start Time—Set the time to start the update. The time is based on local device time.
  • E-FOTA is enabled during roaming—Allow update downloads over the air while the device is roaming.
  • Update while plugged in only—Only allow updates if the device is connected to a power supply.

Create a silent or critical update campaign

Create a silent or critical campaign update using the Update Type options when creating a new Knox E-FOTA campaign.

To push a silent or critical update, create a new campaign, and select the following options before executing:

Update Type—Specify if the update is a Critical Update or Silent Update:

  • Critical Update—The device user has the option to delay the update while a critical task is in progress, but the user can't decline the update.
  • Silent Update—The device will be updated; the user won't be notified.

Check campaign status

After a campaign is executed, you can check the operation status by doing the following:

  1. Go to Campaign ManagementCampaigns.

  2. Scroll to Campaigns.
  3. View the operation status of the campaign under Status:
  4. (Optional) To view campaign details, click on the name of the campaign.

Get a client log

When troubleshooting issues, it is helpful to check the client log from a device registered with Knox E-FOTA.

To get a client log:

  1. Create a new campaign.
  2. Under Select Action, choose Get Client Logs.

  3. Click Execute.
  4. Go to Campaign Management> Operations.
  5. Find the device ID associated with the campaign and click Get Data Package.