Samsung Care+ for Business

Samsung Care+ for Business (SCB) is a device protection plan that protects your business devices from any accidental incidents. This includes physical or liquid damage; technical or mechanical failure; as well as software issues.


This document is intended for:

  • IT Admins — Learn how to buy and apply licenses, view and manage devices and resellers, and add admins with specific roles for collaborative management.
  • Asset Managers— Learn how to make claims for device damage or failure.

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Buy extended insurance package for enterprise devices, deploy and manage insurance for each device either individually or in bulk, and keep up to date with device and license status from a single screen.


About Samsung Care+ for Business

Samsung Care+ for Business provides additional care on top of the manufacturer’s warranty with full coverage plan for accidental damages and extended warranty for defects.

Basic Warranty

  • 1-Year battery warranty
  • Device health check and lifetime customer support

Extended Warranty

  • Device body: mechanical breakage, design/construction defects, and so on
  • Battery: swelling, leakage, charging problem

Accidental Damage Handling

  • Cover your corporate devices from any accidents due to business use
  • Screen/water damage repair*

* Swap the damaged device instead of repair in some countries

NOTE— Samsung Care+ for Business program offering can have slight variations depending on the country. Please contact your local Samsung Care+ for Business sales to discuss the details.

About the SCB Portal

The SCB Portal allows you to manage your SCB devices, see their activation status, buy and assign licenses, and much more. For info on the dashboard, see SCB dashboard.

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