Get started carousel and auto tour

This topic describes how to navigate and review the content of the Samsung Care+ for Business get started carousel, and the SCB portal auto tour that displays immediately thereafter.

NOTE—These resources display only when a new user initially logs into SCB, and are designed to assist new users in understanding central SCB functions and better navigate the SCB console.

Navigate the get started carousel and auto tour

Once your Samsung Care+ for Business account is approved and you first log into SCB, a 'get started' carousel displays describing the main tasks required to add devices, register license, and assign licenses and insure devices.

  1. A Welcome screen displays once initially logged into SCB. Select the > on the right-side of the screen to proceed to the next screen in the get started carousel flow. Select SKIP TOUR to bypass the get started carousel and proceed to the SCB console auto tour.
  2. The Add devices screen describes how the devices you have purchased from your reseller are automatically uploaded into your SCB account on your behalf.
  3. The Register license screen describes to register the license provided by the reseller. This license can be assigned to devices to insure them.
  4. The Associate the devices with the licenses screen describes the SCB license deployment to registered devices.
  5. The Always have updated status report screen describes SCB dashboard where you can see the real-time status of devices and licenses.
  6. The display of the All set! screen signifies the end of the SCB get started carousel. Select the NEXT button to transition to the SCB portal auto tour.
  7. The SCB auto tour only displays once, and like the carousel is not displayed again in subsequent logins. The auto tour consists of a series of tooltips within the SCB portal that describe navigation tips, support resources, and account information.

    The auto tour tooltips point to the following console navigation options:

    • Collapsible navigation sidebar - Describes how to collapse the sidebar navigation for display optimization.
    • Bulk actions - Describes how to access the SCB bulk actions button for access to bulks actions.
    • Account - Describes how to access your user icon from the top of the console to access your Customer ID and log out of the SCB console.
    • License - Describes the sidebar navigation button to register and activate SCB license.
    • Devices - Describes the sidebar navigation button to approve and manage devices.
    • Resellers - Describes the sidebar navigation button to manage resellers.
  8. Once you have completed the SCB get started carousel and auto tour, the console navigates to the Dashboard. For more information on the SCB Dashboard, go to SCB dashboard.

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